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Thursday, July 26

Our Lady of Consolation Outdoor Gazebo
111 Beach Dr, West Islip, NY 11795

Food, drinks & friends

Tickets $25 • $30 at the door
Kids under 12 are FREE

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Includes 2 tickets

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The West Islip Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce MaryAnn Pfeiffer, as the 2018 Community Barbeque honoree. MaryAnn not only devotes her time, talents and expertise to serve the public good, she has made significant, demonstrable and direct contributions to the community's well-being by empowering youth and their families. Read more about some of MaryAnn’s accomplishments here:


Mary Ann

The West Islip Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce MaryAnn Pfeiffer, CEO of Youths Enrichment Services (YES), as the 2018 Community Barbeque honoree.  MaryAnn not only devotes her time, talents, and expertise to serve the public good, she has made significant, demonstrable, and direct contributions to the community's well-being by empowering youth and their families. 

3 Minutes with Community Leader, MARYANN PFEIFFER, CEO of Youths Enrichment Services

By Brad Wilson, West Islip Chamber of Commerce  

Tell us about the YES beginnings. What’s the MaryAnn story?

YES was started by community leaders looking  to provide youth services here in West Islip and started meeting in 1985. Angie Carpenter, Maria Pecorale, Tom Buttacavoli, Doug Chapey, Dr. Bernhard, and Diane Munno were instrumental and founding members of the Board of Directors and YES was incorporated in 1987. I was the second to head YES and started in 1990. I was born in Texas and moved to New York where I eventually graduated from Rutgers University. In 1991, the following year, YES was selected by the Town of Islip to serve all twelve school districts in Islip Township.

What makes your program such a success? 

Our programs are a success because each program reflects the unique needs of the individual community as well as the needs of the individual. Our staff reflects the demographics of each community it serves and we actively recruit staff from the local community. Many staff members were once YES program participants themselves.

Describe your proudest or otherwise most memorable experience since forming YES. 

There have been so many wonderful moments for me here at YES that it is hard to select just one. More recently, I have been very proud of opening our NYS Article 31 Mental Health Clinic. The clinic is located at Town Hall West and we are renovating a facility we bought in Brentwood to provide additional mental health services. We provide counseling and mental health services to children and youth ages 5 to 21 and their families.

What are some of your toughest challenges you face?

As with most nonprofits, budget and funding is always challenging and speaks for itself.  Challenges YES faces also include program space and transportation to ensure equal access. Public transportation is not always a viable option and ensuring all children and youth can participate is daunting, hence the need for more accessible program space throughout Islip Township. The Town of Islip has been working with YES to address these concerns and issues and we are making great progress.

What are the most successful programs and which are you most excited about growing?

Our typical everyday afterschool programs for elementary and middle school aged youth are so very successful and we are quite proud of our service to our communities. The parents and families really need structured and supervised settings after school for children and youth to congregate and socialize especially if both parents are working or there is a single parent home. As mentioned previously, we are excited about our Article 31 Mental Health Clinic and growing that immensely as YES helps to combat the heroin/opioid crisis and the growing issues of gangs, guns, violence and bullying. Another successful program is our Youth Leadership Project (YLP) which is a program that is designed to engage youth with developmental disabilities ages 14 to 24 with typical peer mentors from our local high schools and colleges. The program meets twice weekly in West Islip from 6 to 8 PM and it is one of my absolute favorites!

Anything you would like to highlight about the West Islip program? 

Our West Islip school year afterschool program is free and West Islip School district provides free bus transportation from both WI Middle Schools to YES. The program is until 5:30 every day after school and is inclusive of all West Islip middle school students. We have homework time, cooking, music, art, STEM activities and trips. We want to grow this free program! Our other programs here in West Islip, in addition to our active Youth Volunteer Corps, are our Vacation Academy and our Summer Enrichment Program. Our Vacation Academy operates for grades k-8 during the School Winter Break and the Spring Break. It is from 8 AM to 6 PM every day school is not in session. Our Summer Enrichment program is every day of the summer vacation starting as early as 7 AM and ending as late as 7 PM for grades k through 8. We are always at capacity and in need of additional classroom space. West Islip Soccer lends us their classroom every summer.

Tell us about your outlook for the future. What’s next for MaryAnn Pfeiffer? 

I plan to continue to grow our services at YES to meet the needs of our unique and distinct communities. I believe YES to be a premiere agency serving youth and their families and we can't help but grow and flourish.

How do you prefer people contact you to learn more about your programs? 

For people looking for more information they can contact the Director of Programs, Carolyn Baez, at 631-587-5172 ext. 330 or our website or check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you for recognizing YES!


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